12 Reasons why Tom Hardy is the Most Unique Actor in Recent Years



Top 12 Reasons why Tom Hardy is the Most Unique Actor in Recent Years:


  1. He is a shape-shifter.
  2. He delivers dialogue in a very convincing and original way.
  3. He morphs into the characters he plays and doesn’t come off as just Tom Hardy, playing Tom Hardy.
  4. He can do an extremely wide variety of quirky, humorous and fascinating accents.
  5. He can go from playing a role where he is comical and witty to a role wherein he is entirely sinister and dramatic.
  6. He can create vastly different atmospheres and “worlds” that surround each of his characters, which enhances their diverse temperaments.
  7. He can portray and reinvent historical, real-life characters in a very genuine yet imaginative approach.
  8. When he portrays someone in a comedic role, he is able to formulate a character with an extremely dark sense of humor. In other roles, he assumes the role of a light-hearted fool.
  9. He seems extremely committed to transforming himself not only through his acting — but also by becoming connected with the environments around them.
  10. Whenever he plays psychotic characters, they are more often than not very subtle and inward — and less obviously mentally deranged.
  11. He is able to play an action warrior or a romantic lover — another example of how he can go from one extreme to the next.
  12. He can transition from portraying a dedicated and trustworthy savior to a character with wildly cruel and volatile personality traits — demonstrating once more that Hardy can drastically transform — and become the total antithesis of the last character he has played.

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